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Meet the Heartfelt Stories team. Here we are, your writers, editors and illustrator.

David Rastoka, Heartfelt Stories Creator

David Rastoka was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has worked with people with disabilities for the past 24 years. He has an overwhelming passion for children and truly enjoys their innocence and energy. Dave believes that there are two kinds of people in the world, spectators and participants. Being a participant in life means taking risks and following your dreams. Dave is also a motivational speaker; his session entitled “You’re Walking, Talking and Breathing But Are You Really Alive?” discusses his 10 Rules for a Happy Life!

He currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Denise Bloom, Creative Writer & Editor

Has forever been a poet
And is happy now that she finally gets to show it!
Her hometown of Cleveland has a piece of her heart
But her home’s now in Columbus, where she got a fresh start
With her husband, Jeff and daughter, Amanda too
And their two kitty cats, to round off their crew
She likes all things creative, especially to cook
And hopes to win the Pillsbury bake-off, if enough buy this book!
She’s been in retail management
For what seems like forever…
And this book is a testament
To “Never say, never!”

Kimo Tenorio, Illustrator

Who am I? I am just a regular guy who loves his wife Alison and two kids, Jesse and Mariah. I love to play with my kids and their friends too! I believe in honor of family, friends and country. Being a good American is everything! Illustrating the words of these talented writers at HeartFelt Stories has let me release the kid in me.

Deana Froelich, Creative Writer

Deana Froelich is co-writer of "More Than A Spoonful" and "Toby Gets The Brush Off".

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